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Digital Media

Digital Display Advertising can be used for building your brand online or as an acquisition channel. It allows reach and frequency to be built very quickly at a low cost. With the improvements in broadband speeds, technology and innovation, display advertising offers high reach, high impact and unrivalled targeting, making it a viable alternative to other brand channels.

We have proven the influence that display has on the success of other channels, which can be measured using our proprietary reporting platform, Artemis. This allows us to look at factors including search volume as a result of display, exposure to conversion (showing true value of each channel), optimal frequency and many more. It further allows us to move away from the last click model and demonstrate the true value of the channel.

We couple talent with technology in order to ensure the optimal mix of display advertising for any given client, whether in isolation or as part of managing their overall digital or all media marketing mix.

We believe technology and clever data analytics drive the best return for our clients and have proven this time and time again.

This means that, as well as buying at unbeatable pricing our proprietary Artemis technology ensures that we better understand what is working/how to buy the optimal mix of activity better than any of our competitors. This, in turn, allows us to recommend and execute activity which helps to improve our client’s bottom line.

We take display a step further by coupling technology with our media buys to ensure that maximum efficiency can be reached. We do this in a variety of ways, ranging from adopting best of breed dynamic creative, to ensuring that the right message goes out at the right time, to utilising ad verification software – making sure that media owners are delivering ads according to the brief.

The other major technological advantage we offer is our real-time bidding platform, Affiperf. This reduces the reliance on ad networks, allowing us to buy the right impression at the right time, against those users that are most likely to convert for our clients. This is now the top performing activity on the majority of our acquisition plans.

Tied to this, we also have dedicated resource for Facebook’s API tool, ensuring that we maximise its potential.  We place great importance on partnership with our suppliers to get more out of our relationships. Strong collaboration has led to stronger optimisation and increased opportunity to market on a regular.

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