Top scoring Meaningful Brands enjoy a Share of Wallet 46% higher than low performers

Meaningful Brands® is Havas Media Group's index that measures the potential business benefits gained by a brand when it is seen to improve our wellbeing and quality of life.

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Havas Media Group launches “LuxHub”, a new global luxury practice

Havas Media Group today officially launched LuxHub, a global consulting specialist label that will deliver expert communications and marketing support for both luxury brands and luxury audiences.

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Havas Media Group Italy named Agency of the Year

This prestigious recognition will be awarded to the company on 2nd December at Milan’s Magazzini Generali, during the International Events & Relational Strategies Grand Prix organised by TVN Media Group.

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Mobext, the mobile arm of Havas Group, appoints Marco Rigon as its global head

Mobext today announced that it has appointed Marco Rigon as its global head, to further develop Havas Group’s overall mobile marketing strategy for its clients worldwide.

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Havas launches the world’s first “Meta DSP”

Affiperf, Havas’ programmatic pure player, extends boundaries of programmatic buying with the introduction of the world’s first real time, agnostic system to work across multiple Demand Side Platforms.

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Havas strengthens its operations in Sweden and Ireland as Bizkit Wisely AB and GT Media join Havas Media

These moves are part of Havas’s wider strategy of targeted acquisitions aimed at strengthening the Group’s networks, with both new entrants and established partners.

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